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As you set proper wave velocity, just press Auto key, you will get the test result within 2 seconds.

It is an effective tool to reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of line maintenance staff. It also can be used in line projects acceptance and inspection of electrical cables.


Supplied complete with:

1) Carry case.

2) Re-chargeable battery and charger/adapter.

3) Test Line

4) User Manual

5) CD (Just for USB function)

6) U-disk (Just for USB function)



1. No test dead zone.

2. Fast test speed and accurate test distance.

3. Testing and locating cable faults: Broken cables cross faults, lateral, wrong twisted pitch of cables, Mix, Insulation and etc.

4. Covered by rubber for protection.

5. High voltage protection on line: test without power, high voltage protection can reach to 250V.

6. Water and dust proof: IP54.

7. Automatic power shut down: Press On Off or after 5 to 10 minutes or optional minute setting without using meter device.

8. Testing range: standard is 8km, 4km is optional.

9. Testing accuracy: Up to 1%.

10. Spare parts for replacement: 5 years.

11. Portable and easy to carry.

12. Large colorful LCD display.

13. humanized operation interface; six function keys can do all the tests.

14. High-energy Li battery, continuous work 10 hours.

15. Language: English.

ST612 Cable Fault Locator Datasheet.pdf
20190513154302971.pdf (107.65 KB)
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