Success Stories

Success Stories

ST327 with Telekom Srbija

Backgroud:Telekom Srbija, a state-controlled operator, launched a nationwide network modernization transformation in 2016 to expand the coverage of high-speed br

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PDA Helps Russian MTC Improve Operational Efficiency

BackgroundMTC is the largest telecom operator in Moscow, Russia. Due to the development of the business, the number of orders received every day has increased s

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ST907 V3 Helps Czech Users with Instant Weighing

BackgroundAccurate weighing saves field storage costs, saves time moving to another weight and speeds up material flow.It makes the material into the ideal cont

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More than20 years industry experience made us a reliable partner with enterprises of more than 150 countries including world’s top 500 companies.

Customer Oriented

Customer demand is our constant pursuit. We have rich product category with r & d, production and after-sales service capabilities provide the overall solution from hardware to software.

Constant Innovation

Continuous social progress in the future will not be possible without constant technological innovation. Increasing investment in research and innovation is the eternal power that enabled us leading the trend and keeping moving forward in the IOT era.


Senter realizes customer value with partners.

Click here to know the policies and process to be a partner. We look forward to your participation.

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