CIOE 2019, SENTER Waits You There

Time: 2019-03-26 Author: admin




CIOE(China International Optoelectronic Exposition) is world’s most influential exhibition in optoelectronic filed covering the entire optoelectronic ecosystem including optical communications, data center, infrared applications, laser technologies, precision optics, lens and camera modules, machine vision, optoelectronic sensors and photonics innovations.


SENTER, as the one of the most professional and influential optical telecom industry leader, manufacturer and suppliers, exhibits more than 20 newest optic products, including:


ST907 V3.0 Industrial Tablet PC: Android 8.0 / RFID / Barcodes Scan / Fingerprint / High Precise GPS / NFC

ST908 Industrial PDA: RFID / Barcodes Scan / Fingerprint / High Precise GPS / NFC

ST2303 Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera: Taking Photos / Real-time Video / Wireless communication / Solar-powered / GPS Positioning


Industrial Tablet PC and PDA, ST907 and ST908, are customized by SENTER, according to the industrial features of modern logistics, modern storage, modern medical treatment and other modern industries. With the RFID, Barcodes Scan, Fingerprint, High Precise GPS, NFC and other customized functions, ST907 and ST908 can efficiently help employees on their way of uploading, downloading, searching, organizing their tasks etc, which benefits companies from adopting Industrial Tablet PC and PDA at them same time.


The Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera, the ST2303, is customized by SENTER for electricity industry, construction industry and other outdoor industries by taking photos, real-time videos and GPS positioning to help customers monitor and locate outdoor stuff. Only an app is needed for achieving purposesmentioned above. IoT and SENTER make industries operation more efficient and easier than before.



Optic Industry is the trend of human beings’ life, industry, technology and other areas, leads the whole society to the next generation. SENTER, as the leader of optic industry, plans to offer customers all over the world with SENTER’s professional products and services.


SENTER sincerely waits for everyone here, at CIOE in 2019.


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