180XL Visual Fault Locator

Time: 2017-03-14 Author: admin

Greenlee/A Textron Company (NYSE: TXT) has introduced the 180XL Visual Fault Locator for fast and effective visual fault locating infiber-optic cables. The company asserts the handheld instrument can help visually locate macrobends, poor splices, bad connectors, and breaks in fiber cables.

The 180XL uses a universal 2.5-mm bulkhead to probe singlemode fibers and multimode fibers. A 1.25-mm adapter is available as an option.

The device can be used to confirm fiber continuity on lengths up to 7 km; a 2-Hz modulation can be used to help confirm continuity. The visual fault locator is Class 2 compliant, so it provides safe operation with output power limited to 1 mW.

The 180XL Visual Fault Locator replaces Greenlee's 170XL device. Compared to its predecessor, the 180XL provides extended reach and longer operational run time, up to 80 hours, on two AA batteries.

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